IEEE 5G Summit



Tuesday, 12 June 2018
Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center


Driven by emerging new applications and capabilities, technologies and systems for 5G and beyond are now presenting unique research and development opportunities to university and industry researchers. The IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) and the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) have been working together to organize a special joint 5G Summit at the 2018 MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS2018), 12 June 2018, with expert speakers covering both the hardware/systems and networking/services aspects for the fifth-generation (5G) communication. As part of the 5G Summit series (details at, this summit will provide a platform for leaders, innovators, and researchers from both industrial and academic communities to collaborate and exchange ideas regarding this emerging technology that may help drive the standards and enable rapid deployment.

5G Summit:
After the successful 2-day 5G Summit@IMS2017 in Honolulu, both MTT-S and ComSoc decided to work together again to collaborate and organize another 5G Summit during IMS2018 in Philadelphia. The 5G Summit at IMS2018 is part of a special collaboration that complements the MTT-S's "hardware and systems" focus with ComSoc's "networking and services" focus. To fully integrate this special 5G Summit into the Microwave Week 2018 program, the summit will be held on Tuesday, 12 June 2018. Attendees will be able to register for the 5G Summit using the IMS2018 registration site. The 5G Summit will be complemented by a 5G Demo Forum on the exhibition floor. The 5G Summit program will feature top experts from industry, academia, and government who will share knowledge and discuss strategies and solutions with summit attendees. 

The morning session of the summit will start with Prof. Theodore Rappaport of New York University (NYU) as the opening keynote speaker; Prof. Rappaport will provide a vision and overview on 5G and beyond. Distinguished speakers following the keynote address will cover topics including standards, spectrum use, operator and service-provider perspectives, infrastructure issues, systems, and circuits as well as emerging applications. 

The day-long Summit will include a lunchtime panel on the "mmWave ICs in Smartphones: What they will look like in 2, 5 and 10 years"

The afternoon session will feature Jin Bains from Facebook with a presentation titled: "Bringing the World Closer Together". 

Other distinguished speakers will cover topics such as: 

  • 5G vision and experimental trials from a service-provider perspective
  • RF integrated circuit (RFIC)/complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) techniques for 5G and beyond
  • RFIC/CMOS transceivers for 5G.
  • Massive multiple input/multiple output (Massive MIMO) from long-term evolution (LTE) to 5G new radio
  • Test and measurement Challenges for commercial 5G 
  • Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology and 5G
  • 5G testbed as service

This website will be updated soon with complete speaker list with daylong 5G Summit agenda.

5G Special Demos:
The 5G Summit organizing committee also decided to organize a 5G Demo Forum. Companies are encouraged to participate in the 5G Demo Forum which will be open to all conference attendees. The forum will be held on the exhibition floor of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Participating companies will receive a 5G demo kiosk including a monitor, counter, graphics panel, cabinet, stool, 500-W electrical outlets, and carpet. Companies are also invited to present a talk in the 5G Pavilion's theater.

We look forward to seeing you at the 5G Summit in Philadelphia!

IMS2018 5G-Summit Team:

  • Debabani Choudhury (IMS/MTT-S) - Chair
  • Amarpal Khanna (IMS/MTT-S)
  • Joy Laskar (IMS/MTT-S)
  • Tim LaRocca (MTT-S/RFIC)
  • Stefano Pellerano (RFIC/MTT-S)
  • Doug Zuckerman (Comsoc)
  • Ashutosh Dutta (Comsoc) 
  • Elsie Vega (IEEE MCE, MTT-S)
  • Adam Greenberg (IEEE MCE, Comsoc)
  • Lee Wood (MPA) Exhibition, Sponsorships
  • Susie Horn (MPA) Exhibition, Sponsorships
  • Amanda Scacchitti (MPA), Marketing, Website
  • Janet O'Neal, 5G Demo

Philadelphia 5G-Summit Advisors:

  • Walid Ali Ahmad - RFIC2018 Chair 
  • Sridhar Kanamaluru - IMS2018 Chair 
  • Tim Lee - 5G Initiative/MTT-S 
  • Dylan Williams - President, MTT-S